The Best 11 Overwatch Gods: The Mk11 Tier List

With the release of Overwatch: Heroes of the Storm, there has been a lot of talk about how to play as well as which heroes are strong and weak. This article will be going over some tips on how to choose your team composition in order to maximize win potential and make sure that you’re not wasting your time playing with gods who are simply too weak for this meta game.

Keep in mind the enemy team composition. For example, if you’re playing with a lot of tanks and snipers then it might be best to select an assassin such as Genji or Tracer who can quickly assassinate these high priority targets before they do too much damage.

Try not to pick heroes that are just flat out weak against your enemies like Reaper is against Junkrat for example. If someone on their team has a stun ability (such as Zarya) then you would want another hero who could either escape from this situation or counter them by stunning them first, so picking Ana wouldn’t make sense because she doesn’t have any escapes OR counters available to her other than healing herself which isn’t enough most times when fighting off pressure.

The key to picking a strong team is selecting heroes that can work well with one another. If you’re playing against someone who has picked Ana, then it might be best to pick Reaper since he could do much more damage than other tanks and his Ultimate ability which does “damage over time” would also hurt her healing abilities as she heals herself for 400 health per second.

The first thing I want to mention when talking about the game’s meta (and what often gets confusing) is how many people seem to think of this game mode like chess where every hero is analogous in some way or form to a specific chess piece such as pawns low HP/low attack power, knights = high mobility but no defense on their own, bishops long range but can’t attack what they are in line with, rooks bad at attacking head on or moving sideways, queen the most powerful piece of all because she can move any number of spaces left-right and up-down. This is not correct as Overwatch heroes do not have specific roles that you need to fill like a chess game does.

This lesson will teach you how to play well with other players who may be playing different characters than your own. It’s important so we’ll go over it again: there is no “meta” (in terms of general strategy) for selecting heroes in this game mode nor should it be treated like chess where every hero needs to fulfill a specified role such as being an offensive/defensive tank or support hero. Heroes in Overwatch are much more fluid and can take on many different roles depending on the situation, so you shouldn’t feel bad about switching to a new character if your team needs it (just remember that they should be able to fill whatever role is needed).


If you’re going to be playing with a full team of five players, it’s important to know which heroes are strong and weak in the current meta game. Let us help you figure out your best bet for winning Overwatch: Heroes of the Storm matches by following these tips on how to choose your composition! You might not have as much success when choosing from all available characters at first, but if you want a good chance of victory then this is what we recommend. Which character do you think would work well with some of our suggestions?