We are marvel laborers. Alright, that may sound somewhat egotistical, however stay with me and I trust you will concur…

Consistently, we change clear spaces into lovely, customized conditions intended to conjure festivity, delight, and memory making. In some cases those spaces begin dazzling – like The Greysolon Ballroom, for instance. Obviously, we’ve seen the mind boggling assembly hall in many distinctive shading ranges and designs, however let’s be honest, without a join of anything additional that spot is drop dead beautiful.


Presently, the Curl Mesabi Curling Club in Eveleth? That takes supernatural occurrence laborers. Recently, we acknowledged the demand to change the colossal, concrete and metal box into a fantasy wedding scene for a remarkable couple, Kristina and Derek. I’m pleased to say, I think we nailed it.


Photograph Credit: Nick Vittorio

Photograph Credit: Nick Vittorio


Photograph Credit: One:One Creative

Photograph Credit: One:One Creative

So what did it take to make their fantasies work out as expected and change the space?

1,500 sq. feet of curtain

5 Crystal Chandeliers

300 Gold Damask Chair Covers

75 table cloths

3 Scissor lifts

96 hours of NSE power

300 feet of steel string

Genuine coarseness and assurance.

I never imagined I’d end up in a vocation that required as a lot calculating and math as is needed consistently at NSE! Our Event Specialists put serious concentration into arranging everything about enormous scope establishments like these and the result is HUGE. Watching Kristina and Derek sharing their first dance under the precious stone crystal fixture in their delightful wedding setting (from the upper deck of the Curl Mesabi Curling Club – which is an excellent office, btw) gave us such a feeling of pride and achievement and a couple of boasting rights 🙂 Congratulations, Kristina and Derek. We trust the recollections you and your friends and family made that evening live on for eternity!

Coordination, Planning, Linens, Centerpiece Floral, and Decor: Northland Special Events | Bridal Party Flowers: Silver Lake Floral | Caterer: Dennis Purkat | Rentals: London Road Party Express | Ceremony: Holy Spirit Catholic Church | DJ: Pro Sound and Light

It is safe to say that you are hoping to change an area into your fantasy wedding scene? We have you covered. Give us a yell!

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