Fun Things To Do With Your Teen Kid

The teens have been one of the most suffering people during this pandemic. They spent the last year, year, and a half stuck at home. Imagine being stuck at home at the time when you’re supposed to go out the most. Enjoy your social life to the maximum. 

Your kids must be feeling weird and trapped. Thankfully, the pandemic is slowly overturning its course, and things are starting to get better with time. Now, don’t you think the time has come for you to spend some quality time with your kid? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you’d create an experience to share a great laugh with your not-so-little now baby? Having a summer full of love, laughter, and adventure with your family will definitely leave some extraordinary bonding moments behind.  

We’ve made a list of all the things you could do, so stay tuned! 

Get Active

It’s no secret that teens have tons of energy, so the first natural choice would be to get out and spend the whole evening doing some fun activity like playing tennis, basketball, or even going on the beach to play volleyball. If your not-so-little-anymore one loves water activities, maybe you two could take an evening swim in the ocean and just take some long beach walks afterward. 

Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon

Is there a kid that doesn’t adore Harry Potter? Didn’t we all grow up with Harry Potter movies? Your teen at home is precisely that generation that got to grow with the latest Harry Potter movies. Maybe they didn’t get to see the movies in the theater, but I’m confident that most parents watched the movies together in the family. 

At least in my family, it was a tradition to watch Harry Potter on every winter holiday, especially during winter break. The best way to forget everything and enjoy a stressless night is with the adventures of Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts series. When you fall into Harry’s world of magic, you’ll forget about everything else and enjoy the fantastic plot. 

Go to a Concert

Of course that there might be that generation gap between you and your child, but going to a concert together may be a pretty good idea. To begin with, if you two decide to go to one of your child’s favorite performers, you’ll learn a lot more about his/her tastes and get to know a bit more about their inner soul. 

Now, if you decide to go and listen to some of the old-school bands you used to listen to as a teen, then your kid will get to learn more about you, so there is no loss no matter how you look at it. It’s a win-win.

Now that things are starting to relax a bit again and going back to normal – concerts are back, and one can find tickets to all of the season’s most incredible events on gotStubs at the best prices. 

Go For a Hike and Enjoy the Nature

If you both love mountains, deserts, waterfalls, or simply love nature at its best, then the perfect activity you’ll enjoy at its maximum is hiking or rock climbing. Depending on your experience and how willing you are to go and make some extreme trails, we’ve got you some suggestions. 

If you’re a champ in double hard stuff and like the challenge, we suggest taking into consideration these few trails in Africa when making your next hike trip:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  • Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania
  • Danakil Depression, Ethiopia – visit the famous visit the Erte Ale volcano
  • Simien National Park, Ethiopia
  • Mount Olokwe, Kenya
  • Mount Longonot, Kenya
  • Sentinel Peak Hike, South Africa
  • Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Robberg Peninsula, South Africa
  • Mount Elgon, Uganda
  • Mount Mulanje, Malawi

Some of these hikes have as a final destination a volcano such as the Mount Nyiragongo hike, Mount Longonot hike, and Danakil Depression hike. Armed rangers will pick you up and take you to the start point, where you’ll meet your porters and guides. 

The hike might be a bit tough and may require some extra effort in some moments, but once you get to the volcano, you’ll be amazed by the picture in front of you. Imagine yourself up there in the night in some freezing temperatures watching one of the hottest masses, and don’t even mention the glorious moment of the light red lava glowing in the black night. 

What a bonding moment you’ll have with your kid, ha? Indeed, they’ll talk about it for a long time after the event. If you still cannot decide on the trail or if you’re too busy and don’t have the time it takes to go into the woods and actually go for a hike, then we’d recommend you to go for that local rock wall you have in your neighborhood. 

Final Words

Of course that the kids need their time off with friends, but it’s important that they spend every once in a while time with their family not only at home but doing something enjoyable and entertaining because memories of what we did are the only thing that will be left behind once we get old.