Big Timber new series: The Downfall of a King

In Big Timber new series The Downfall of a King, I’ll take you on the journey that led to the downfall of my friend and co-worker, Chris.

I met Chris in Big Timber in 2012 when he was fresh out of college with two bachelor’s degrees. He had come to Big Timber for an internship on behalf of his father’s company as they were looking for new opportunities outside California.

Big Timber was a small town, but everyone welcomed Chris with open arms.

He had always been drawn to Big Timber because his family tree is from the Rocky Mountains; so he felt like it would be right for him. Big Timber seemed like an incredible place to live and work: not too big, not too small – just the perfect size community where you could make your mark on history by helping build up a new company that wasn’t afraid of change or growth.

Chris came in during my first week of training as I was learning how everything worked at Big Timber Industries (BTI). He made me feel welcome upon arrival and took me under his wing when we were out exploring Big Timbers National Forest together after hours. We bonded over our shared love for Big Timber and the outdoors; so it was no surprise when he asked me to explore a new territory with him in Big Timber.

I had always dreamed of discovering the next gold mine, but I never expected that opportunity would come from my training at BTI. Chris came up with this idea to start exploring some old mines out west near Big Timbers National Forest because they weren’t currently being mined by any companies in Big Timber or nearby communities. He wanted us to have an adventure together while getting paid! It sounded like such a great plan – who wouldn’t want that? We could take off on our own every weekend without having to ask anyone’s permission and make money doing what we love most: going into unexplored areas and finding hidden treasures!

I just wish we would’ve done more research on Big Timbers and the mines before deciding to go out there. Chris was so excited about this idea of being able to explore Big Timber, but he had never been here before in his life – I think if he would have done some research ahead of time or taken a few days off work then maybe things could have gone differently for him.”

Big Timber new series :

“My name is Katie Larson; my partner’s name was Christopher Thompson. We both studied at BTI together after high school graduation because we wanted to do something with our lives and Big Timber seemed like the perfect place for us. We loved going into unexplored areas and finding hidden treasures!

“We were so excited when we got hired on by Big Timbers Mining Incorporated – they needed someone who could explore Big Timber for minerals, ores, resources or anything of interest because no one else had explored it before: Chris was an expert at that kind of thing.”

“But I just wish he would have been more careful about what’s out there in Big Timbers; if he only took a few days off work then maybe things wouldn’t have gone as horribly wrong as they did. But now my partner is dead and his company won’t tell me why.”

I hope you can help me find the answers to all my questions! If not, then please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about Big Timber.

The Downfall of a King:

Big Terra has been in the news for over ten years now because it’s so mysterious no one knows what is happening on Big Terra and I want answers!

I’ve heard some talk around town that people are actually disappearing from their homes but when they’re gone, all their belongings stay behind? That doesn’t make sense–it sounds like something magical could be going on here…or maybe aliens or ghosts; there might even be other dangerous creatures lurking just beyond our sight!

I’m not a scientist and I don’t really know what Big Terra is like but it seems to me that Big Brighton has something interesting going on down there. If you’re interested in finding out more about this fascinating planet, then be sure to read my article next week when I discuss the strange disappearances happening in Big Redwood’s forest! You won’t want to miss it…or all the other great stories coming up soon from Big Timber.

Conclusion :

My friend and co-worker Chris came to Big Timber in 2012 for an internship on behalf of his father’s company. He was fresh out of college with two bachelor’s degrees, but he quickly proved that he had the skills and ambition necessary to succeed as a business owner. I followed him through this journey from intern to successful entrepreneur while working together at our local telecommunications company. The story is told in my new podcast series “The Downfall of a King” which will air weekly starting September 20th.” In these podcasts you’ll get the inside scoop about what it takes to be successful locally, nationally, or internationally when your goal is not only success but also sustainability.