Felices Fiestas: Crafty New Year Treats

Teaching Felice’s fiestas crafts to kids is a great way to keep them entertained during the holidays! Felice’s Fiestas is Spanish for “happy holidays” and it’s also a great time of year to get crafty. Felice’s Fiestas crafts are all about making new memories with your family in preparation for New Year’s Day. These Felice’s fiesta crafts can be done by kids of all ages, so don’t worry if you’re not an arts-and-crafts expert-just have fun!

Felice’s fiestas crafts for kids

Felice’s fiestas crafts that involve food

Felice’s fiestas cards to send to family members.

Felice’s Fiestas Crafts For Kids :

You can craft Felice’s fiesta art using any number of materials, but if you’re looking for something simple and quick, try a paper plate Christmas tree! Just cut out different colored circles from construction paper and glue them onto the edge of your child’s favorite holiday dinner dish (paper plates work best). Trim off excess paper so it looks like an ornament hanging on a branch. Add in tiny candy ornaments like Nutella with sprinkles or little pieces of fruit by gluing ribbon around the outside of the paper plate edge. Color in some small snowflakes using markers, then have an older sibling help you cut sprigs of evergreen branches into various lengths that will fit around your child’s circle shape. Add in candy packages with ribbon as “ornaments” on top if desired! The key to this felides fiesta craft is making sure the inside area where the wreath will be glued is clean and dry.

Felice’s fiestas crafts involving food

Felice’s Fiestas Cards :

Make Felices fiesta cards by folding a piece of construction paper in half, then drawing the outline for your greeting card on one side (or write with a pen). Fill in inside area with holiday theme decorations like snowflakes or stars before gluing onto the other side so it looks like an envelope–you could even add glitter glue! Send this out to grandparents as well as friends that don’t live nearby. Just make sure you include a Felides fiesta Christmas gift tag to go along with each Felipe’s fiesta card sent out!

Felice’s Fiestas Crafts Ideas for Felids Christmas:

Make Feliso Felice’s fiesta gifts by making cardstock into a triangle shape and folding over the top edge, then decorating with any of your favorite holiday items that can fit inside the “box.” You could make these on Sunday (the last day before New Year’s) to give out as presents–they’re especially great because they are reusable! Fill in the Felisos Felice’s fiesta box with small toys or candy like popcorn balls or m&ms if desired. For an even more personal touch, add in homemade chocolate saltine crackers topped off with icing sugar sprinkles too.

Feliso Felizes Fiestas Gift Box :

To make the Feliose felices fiesta craft, all you need is a piece of cardstock folded into a triangle shape and one or two colors of construction paper to decorate with! Cut out shapes from your chosen color(s) (e.g., snowflakes in white paper, Christmas trees in green), then fold them over so they fit inside the top edge of your card box. Add some glitter glue if desired before inserting them into the “present” area–to finish off this Felice’s project, add ribbons that are tied at each end to act as a handle.

Felice’s Fiestas Craft Ideas :

Make Felicos Felice’s fiesta Christmas cards by cutting out two pieces of cardstock and folding them in half so they overlap-this is the top part! Cut corresponding shapes from your favorite holiday colors (e.g., snowflakes in white paper, Santa Claus faces in red) before gluing or taping onto the overlapping area on both sides of one piece of paper that will be glued to another shape like an envelope flap or bottom edge). Use ribbon to hang this up at home with other festive decorations if desired! Add Felicos Felizes fiesta cards to a Christmas collection of Felice’s fiestas crafts.

Conclusion :

 Felice’s Fiestas is Spanish for “happy holidays” and it’s also a great time of year to get crafty. These Felice’s fiesta crafts can be done by kids of all ages, so don’t worry if you’re not an arts-and-crafts expert just have fun! If this sounds perfect for your family or classroom, head over to our blog post where we’ll provide step by step instructions on how to make these easy holiday treats with the whole family.