Roman Reigns Discusses The Potential Of A “Samoan Shield”

Vince McMahon has tried pretty much everything at this point to get fans on board with Roman Reigns, apart from an alliance with his cousins.

What exactly does WWE creative have planned for Roman Reigns? His rivalry with Brock Lesnar over the Universal Championship fell flat on its face, and for some reason, they didn’t have The Big Dog emerge as Universal Champion. It felt inevitable that Reigns would get his crowning moment at WrestleMania 34 and fans just wanted WWE to get it over and done with. However, that moment never came.

Next on the agenda for Reigns appears to be a rivalry with Jinder Mahal, a thinly veiled attempt at Mr. McMahon putting his prize possession opposite anyone who might get him cheered. Sadly for the chairman, even that seems to be backfiring. Reigns beat down Mahal in London last week, and the fans were booing! Even The Modern Day Maharaja is the babyface when going up against Vince’s boy.


Believe it or not, WWE has not tried everything, not yet. The best crowd reactions Reigns has ever received came when he was a part of The Shield. Unfortunately, due to Dean Ambrose‘s injury, reuniting the trio is not a possibility right now. There are two Superstars currently on SmackDown Live who would make perfect partners for The Big Dog though, his real-life cousins, The Usos.

It’s not an idea that hasn’t occurred to Reigns either. The former WWE Champion recently told GiveMeSport that he would love to team up with Jimmy and Jey, “We all represent the same bloodline, we all represent the same family, so it would be pretty cool maybe one day if…if there was a Samoan Shield.” A great idea if you ask us, as long as they’re bad ass heels, especially if they’re going to be called the Samoan Shield.

Hopefully, McMahon and co see this and simply think “why not?”, because at this point what’s the worst that could happen? Reigns is getting booed on Raw, The Usos are currently AWOL on SmackDown Live. Figure out a way to get them on the same brand, preferably Raw because of the show’s lackluster tag division, and have them run roughshod on absolutely everyone. At least that way if the boos continue, they will be warranted.

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