Hillary Announces She’s MOVING Out Of U.S. Because Of Trump – Isn’t Going To Like Place She Picked!

Hillary Clinton was recently talking about moving out of the United States after she lost the 2016 election. She was likely devastated by the loss as Donald Trump won the election, stopping Hillary from becoming the first female American president. Her stunning loss came at the hands of a man with no political experience, but that of reality television and business and people were left in tears when she lost. People still complain today, over a year after the election and with disregard to Trump making wonderful progress on some issues important to Americans.

Hillary’s talk of moving out of the country saw herself moving to New Zealand, all the way on the other side of the planet from her comfy home here in America where she’s persistently criticized and possibly faces legal trouble after being caught up in a money laundering scandal with the Democratic National Committee. Hillary might claim it was only a joke that she’s moving out of America, but sometimes jokes are later revealed as truth. Even though her comments were jokes, for now, many wonder if they’ll turn out to be true if there are any pending legal actions. It makes sense for her to pull a Roman Polansky and run from the country if she faces legal actions.

Breitbart reported more on Clinton’s joke about moving out of America: “Hillary Clinton joked on Monday that she thought about permanently relocating to New Zealand after her crushing 2016 presidential election loss to Donald Trump.

“I received a number of invitations from Kiwis to permanently relocate here,” Clinton said in Auckland. “I must say I really appreciated the offers and gave them some thought, but I’m going to stay put because we have work to do in my country as well.”

Clinton said she wanted to help Democrats “crack the code” to beat Trump the “reality TV” candidate” in 2020.

“Part of our problem was this unprecedented reality TV campaign and him being the first reality TV candidate in our history,” she reportedly said.

Clinton said reporters were acting like they “were watching a car wreck or train wreck all the time” in 2016 and “they couldn’t take their eyes away.”

“They didn’t know what to make of it,” Clinton said, referring to Trump’s “insults and his scapegoating and his horrible comments about people with disabilities and Latin Americans and immigrants and everybody.” She added, “It was just so hard to understand.”

Clinton then said it took a “perfect storm” of events for Trump to defeat her: “Deep currents of anger and resentment flowing through our culture. Our political press that told voters my emails were the most important story. The unprecedented intervention in our election by the FBI director. The information warfare waged from within the Kremlin.”

She added that the “forces at work in the 2016 election in the United States are still with us” not only in the United States but around the world.

“We’re having a very important struggle in the United States right now,” Clinton said. “It’s difficult to fully grasp because there are 20 stories and people are getting overwhelmed by the strange goings on we are living through.”

What’s very funny is that Hillary and her fans still complain about Trump winning the election and they continue to “resist” the election results. The resistance to accepting the presidential election results shows a great weakness and an ignorant amount of arrogance on one side of politics.

Donald Trump needs support from the politicians who work for him and even those who challenge him. Constructive criticism is good, but blatant ignorance and delusional sideshows show where true failure is and those people who participate in the shenanigans are the same people halting further progress for Americans.

Will Hillary ever move out of the United States? No one truly knows but her. She might be more likely to move if there’s any chance of her facing legal charges for any of her alleged crimes. If she’s about to be prosecuted and finds out about it earlier than expected, then she might get in a plane and really leave for New Zealand.

Will she like it there? No one knows that either. These are all unknown bits of information until Hillary Clinton reveals them herself. Of course, that’s if citizens find out on the mainstream media when something happens legally. Although many people find Hillary Clinton to be untouchable, so the people she worked with might be the first to suffer any legal penalties for various incidents, in particular, the alleged $84 million that was laundered and recently reported on.

Please share this on social media to let your friends know about Hillary’s joke! They might get excited. To be serious with them, use this as a way to start a friendly conversation about what will happen to Hillary Clinton regarding the alleged crimes that she’s being looked at for.

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