Google rolls out early access to new YouTube Music subscription service

YouTube today began early access to its rebranded YouTube Music subscription service.

What it means: YouTube Music comes with an all-new app, Google’s AI-powered search and insights, and a focus on finding new tunes. If you’ve signed up for early access — and you live in one of the supported countries — you’ll be able to get your groove on as early as today.

The details: Google recently announced it was rebranding its YouTube Red service into a few separate entities. Today it’s rolling out YouTube Music in both ad-supported (free) and ad-free ($9.99 monthly). Later, it’ll launch the full YouTube Premium service, a $11.99 monthly subscription service, which combines ad-free access to YouTube Music, Google Play Music, and YouTube Originals.

Credit: Google

Our verdict: This is great, if you’ve already subscribed to Google Play Music – or you do before the official change happens — you already have YouTube Red. And if you’ve got YouTube Red you’ll be grandfathered (or grandmothered) in to YouTube Premium at the $9.99 price point, saving you a couple of bucks a month.

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