10 in Floyd County among dozens arrested in multi-state child sex sting

Agents in Georgia “directed those searching out and dispersing the most savage sexual maltreatment material including newborn children and babies.”

ROME, Ga. – Authorities captured 10 individuals in Floyd County as a component of a multi-state youngster misuse sting.

“Activity Southern Impact III” got 82 captures across eight southeastern states, as indicated by a delivery from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Seventeen youngsters were recuperated as a feature of the activity, the GBI said.

The activity zeroed in on “the individuals who have and disseminate youngster erotic entertainment and the individuals who are explicitly abusing kids in alternate manners utilizing innovation and the web”, the GBI news discharge said.

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In Georgia, there were 31 captures. The majority of those captures included the belonging as well as circulation of kid erotic entertainment. Seven of those captured had headed out to meeting a minor to engage in sexual relations, the GBI said.

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Ten of those captures occurred in Floyd County, as indicated by the Rome-News Tribune.

They were distinguished as (explicit charges and mug shots politeness of Rome News-Tribune)

Activity Southern Impact III kid sex sting mug shots





Rome News-Tribune

Keidron Isham

Jimmy Abadio Lopez, 28, of Rome, was accused of misuse of minors, youngster attack (endeavor) and vulgar web contact with a minor, alluring a kid for disgusting purposes and lawful offense block.

Johnathan Craig Manning, 28, of Rome, a railroad laborer, was accused of foul web contact with a youngster, irritated kid attack (endeavor) and sexual misuse of kids.

Gerald Chamberlain, 34, of Rome, a fairway support specialist, was accused of ownership of methamphetamine, ownership of medication related items and ownership of youngster erotic entertainment.

Andrew Nelson, 42, of Marietta, a development specialist, was accused of foul web contact with a youngster, disturbed kid attack (endeavor).

Desmond Hasley, 27, of Douglasville, a staffing organization representative, was accused of profane web contact with a youngster, kid attack (endeavor) and tempting a kid for disgusting purposes.

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Keidron Isham, 23, of Calhoun, jobless, was accused of foul web contact with a youngster and disturbed kid attack (endeavor).

Keith Diver, 37, of Norcross, an eatery representative, was accused of vulgar web contact with a youngster, kid attack (endeavor), tempting a kid for revolting purposes and utilization of PC administrations to allure, request, draw or captivate kid to submit an illicit demonstration.

Adam Ware, 20, of Resaca, was accused of utilization of PC administrations to allure, request, draw or tempt a youngster to submit an illicit demonstration, foul web contact with a minor, irritated kid attack (endeavor) and captivating a kid for obscene purposes.

Matthew James McDurmond, 26, from a Cedartown address, was accused of ownership and dispersion of kid sexual entertainment.

Arlen Lemuel Riddle, 46, a fire fighter from Muscadine, Alabama, was accused of misuse of kids, disgusting web contact with kid, disturbed kid attack (endeavor), tempting a youngster for obscene purposes and ownership of a gun during the commission of a wrongdoing.

Snap here for a rundown of each one of those captured in Georgia

Different states that participated in the activity included Alabama, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.


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